Ceramic Coating for New Car, price starting from $1,500

Step 1. Foam Prewash & high-pressure rinse

Step 2. Exterior two bucket hand wash

Step 3. Tar remove/ degrease treatment

Step 4. Wheel, tyre, brakes deep clean & degrease

Step 5. Touchless blow-dry

Step 6. Interior clean & wipe down

Step 7. Paint inspection & Paint correction for enhancement

Step 8. Final paintwork wipe down & inspection

Step 9. Apply Ceramic Coating to the area of choice (Extra options: wheel, interior leather)

Step 10. Apply trim & tyre dressing

Step 11. Curing and final inspection

Step 12. Pick up your brand new car

Ceramic Coating for Used Car, price starting from $1,800

Step 1. Foam Prewash & high-pressure rinse

Step 2. Exterior two bucket hand wash

Step 3. Soft brush clean gaps/ Seams

Step 4. Wheel, tyre, brakes deep clean & degrease

Step 5. Door jamb/ hinge degrease & clean

Step 6. Engine bay degrease and Clean

Step 7. Tar removal & Clay bar treatment

Step 8. Touchless blow-dry

Step 9. Interior clean & wipe down

Step 10. Paintwork inspection/ masking of trim/ rubber

Step 11. Perform paint correction

Step 12. Final paintwork wipe down & inspection

Step 13. Apply Ceramic Coating to the area of choice (Extra options: wheel, interior leather)

Step 14.   Apply trim & tyre dressing

Step 15. Curing and final inspection 

Step 16. Pick up your brand new car

Get The Best Ceramic Coating For Your Cars In Australia

The most effective way to keep your car dirt-free, clean, sparkling and protected is by giving your car a ceramic coating. VG Wrap Group, the ceramic coating acts as an extra layer of protection for your car. Though it may sound similar to car waxing or sealant a ceramic coating for the car is way more enhanced than any other paint protection method. While many people are still not aware of what ceramic coating is, many consider if the Nano ceramic coating is value for money in the first place. But if you love to keep your car exactly brand new, then VG Wrap Group is here to fulfil your wish.

Benefits of ceramic coating

Many benefits come along with its use. The ceramic coating offers protection to your car’s exterior and gives it a brand-new look. Here are some of the major points why considering ceramic coating for your car is a wise decision.

  • Protect your car from ultraviolet rays

Due to the continuous exposure of your car to the sun, the paint of the car gets oxidised. As a result, it becomes dulled and the paint fades. With the use of a proper ceramic coating, a strong layer of protection is created on your car’s paint against the UV rays of the sun.

  • It gets easy to clean your car

This is one of the most important features of ceramic coatings. Due to their hydrophobic properties, it acts better against dirt, dust, water, etc. After ceramic coats, your vehicle the particles struggle to stick to the paint. This helps you save both time and efforts as it gets easy to clean the contaminants.

  • It provides an extra layer of gloss

When the ceramic coating is done to your car, it will enhance the reflective features of your car paint, offering more clarity to the color.

  • It is profitable

Compared to car wax ceramic coatings are more durable. If properly done and well-maintained, it can last for years before considering a replacement.

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