Maintenance Detail

Step 1.     Foam Prewash & high-pressure rinse

Step 2.     Exterior two bucket hand wash

Step 3.     Wheel & tyre clean

Step 4.     Door Jamb clean

Step 5.     Tar, road grime removal

Step 6.     Touchless blow-dry

Step 7.     Apply spray coating

Step 8.     Interior vacuum & wipe down

Step 9.     Window degrease & clean

Step 10.   Apply tyre dressing

(Price starting from $100)

Full Detail

Step 1.       Foam Prewash & high-pressure rinse

Step 2.       Exterior two bucket hand wash

Step 3.       Soft brush clean gaps/ Seams

Step 4.       Wheel & tyre deep clean

Step 5.       Wheel well degrease / clean

Step 6.       Door jamb/ hinge degrease & clean

Step 7.       Engine bay degrease and Clean

Step 8.       Tar removal & Clay bar treatment

Step 9.       Touchless blow-dry

Step 10.   Interior deep clean, vacuum and leather brush clean

Step 11.   Fabric steam clean

Step 12.   Apply leather conditioner & trim dressing

Step 13.   Window degrease/ clean

Step 14.   Paintwork inspection/ masking of trim/ rubber

Step 15.   Perform paint correction

Step 16.   Final wipe down and inspection

Step 17.   Apply wax for protection

Step 18.   Apply trim & tyre dressing

    (Price starting from $600)


   Extra option:

   – Paint touch up

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The VG Wrap Group is one of the most trusted companies in Australia. We are a team of experts offering the finest car cleaning services in Australia. We are the best in the field of car detailing by providing you with the best kind of services by our team members. With our high-end kits, we provide premium detailing services to your vehicles at a very reasonable price.

Most of us don’t get free time to wash our car by ourselves in our daily routine of life. No matter where you are, at work or home, our professionals will reach out to you to clean your beloved car. Our team of members are highly trained in car detailing and cleaning, providing you flawlessly clean car for your travels. Mention all your requirements to us and we are always there to guide you in the right direction.

Our well-known services

  • Our professionals use high-quality products to remove all the dirt that is trapped in the seats, mats, and carpets.
  • Our premium quality wax and polishes help in rebuilding the shine and gloss of your car paint. This also helps in minimising the stains on the outer surface of your car.
  • Pamper your car with our car detailing services and give your car a luxurious feel.

How does VG Wrap Group work?

  • Simply book by selecting one of the packages from our list. Tell us when and where and we will be there on time.
  • Once the booking is done, one of our technicians will reach your place and clean and detail your car leaving it flawless.
  • Now you can utilise your time in doing things that you love while we take care of your car and give it a sparkling look.

Why is our company the best for car detailing services?

  • Quality based work-

We are here to serve you the most reliable service across Australia. We follow certain important steps for detailing cars, which are done by our permanent experts who have extensive knowledge about cleaning cars. We always upgrade our knowledge to give your old-fashioned car a completely new look. Our team of experienced members can solve any kind of car-related services. Our extensive workshop has a great facility for all types of car services.

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VG Wrap Group is the renowned place for any problems faced regarding cars, as this location can be used for making a luxurious car from a primitive form by detailing your car at very marginal prices without thinking twice. We use modern techniques to transform your car into a brand new one. We try to satisfy our customer’s needs with all our efforts positively.

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