Option A: Quick polish

Remove light defects and oxidation mostly used for brand new vehicles or prepare paint before vinyl wrapping. (Even brand new cars will have contamination and swirl marks caused during transport, storage or incorrect dealership detailing procedures)

Time frame: 3 hours

Option B: Basic Paint correction 

Single-step compounding to remove up to 80% of paint defects (swirl marks, oxidation). Including full clean by hand wash tar removal and clay bar treatment to prepare the paintwork for paint correction and inspection afterwards. 1-year protection applied to paintwork. 

Time frame: 6-8 hour

Option C: Ultimate Paint Correction

Multi-stage compounding and finishing to achieve mirror finish, removing 95% or above swirl marks and paint defects. Including full clean and preparation of paintwork and inspection afterwards. 1-year protection included in the package or choice of ceramic coating at extra.

Time frame: 12-15 hours

Maintain Your Car Clean and Shiny With Full Paint Correction

Do you want to protect your vehicle from everyday wear and tear? Car enthusiasts from across the world spend billions of dollars every year on various car products. From car paint protection film to wax and sealants, you can find so many options to keep the paint of their vehicle shiny, clean, and protected.

VG Wrap Group is a reputed name in the field of the automotive community. Our experienced and efficient technicians do the paint correction job to make it shine and reduce all its imperfections.

As a car owner, you love to maintain the slick and shine of your car as it goes through several environmental challenges, from bad weather to industrial pollution every day. Before you call your workshop for an appointment for its body paint, you can think of a full paint correction.

What is paint correction?

You might hear about paint correction of vehicles, but not much idea about what it is. As the name suggests, it is correcting the body paint of your car instead of full-body painting work. An efficient mechanic can eliminate or reduce the imperfections on your car’s surface with paint correction.

Micro-marring and scratches in the body paint layer of your vehicle make several imperfections for your car. Sometimes you might bother about its spider webs and swirl marks due to improper washing. If you find such micro-marring on your car, it is time to approach us. We help you to reduce all these imperfections with the help of a car paint protection film.

Advantages of car paint correction

Some people prefer to paint corrections for a luxury appearance for their vehicle, but for others, it is just a personal preference. But it is not an essential service required for the general health of your vehicle. Even you can keep your vehicle in good condition with frequent washing of it. But you can find several advantages of doing car paint coating, some of them are:

  • Improving the appearance of your vehicle
  • To maintain your vehicle in good condition
  • To increase its resale value
  • The overall protection of your car

Trained professionals are required for doing car paint correction correctly. Many car owners prefer to apply the protection film by themselves. But it is not safe for their health as it requires proper safety equipment to do the job.

Why choose us for paint correction?

  • For perfect removal of your paint defects efficiently
  • Committed to providing the best services in Sydney
  • Improve the aesthetic charm of your car with comprehensive detail
  • Offer a wide range of services at competitive prices
  • We offer a wide range of services at competitive prices

Service of trained professionals

If you are a car owner, you want to maintain your vehicle in good condition, including its appearance. Vehicles lose their charm because of their everyday environmental challenges. So, their owners spend thousands of dollars every year on their vehicles to make it clean and shiny. Car painting coating is an excellent way to maintain your vehicle in a clean and glossy way.

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